135 MPH, A Bucket List Item

    Creative Witing assignment: Seeking letter grades and comments below.
I loved the days when, based on common sense and not doing anything stupid, combined with a wanton lust for speed, one could drive “sensible and prudent” like, at no speed limit across Montana. Twice in my life, on Montana highways, I went 135 mph.
    The first time, I was 16 years old. I rode in a hopped up 1953 Ford station wagon, driven by Marvin, a motor head of my age. I sat behind my oldest friend Montee, who was along for the ride. We buried the speedometer at 120, wound the engine to the range of its horsepower, and roared down the road doing about 135. The highway was up on top of the rimrocks alongside the airport. Out where the exhaust roar came from what might have been a 352 or a 390 cubic inch Ford block. and echoed down into the Yellowstone River valley  of Billings below.
    Now for those who might not know it, a car doing 135 mph drives partly by aerodynamics, meaning it literally flies down the highway. And so we flew down the highway as the undercarriage, steering, tires, and shocks set the station wagon to trembling, shaking, and steering wobble. It felt dangerous. We drove like that for a bit then Marvin backed it down and let the engine unwind and radiator cool us back down. We all let out a cheer.
    The second time I drove 135 mph I was in my Accura TL. The event transpired going across the flats near Hysham, Montana, as best I can remember. Anyway, an Accura TL is wound to the its top end at the press of the accelerator, down to the floorboard. It was no problem getting there. The car set in to shimmering. It felt aerodynamically stable but I thought a rabbit running into the road could throw the Accura into the ditch at 135 mph. With images of me hanging upside down in a rolled car, waiting for a good Samaritan physician to stop, and then waiting for the helicopter from Billings.
    I didn’t wait too long. I shut the car down to a sensible 90 mph to let the nerves settle back down. Then I raised back up to 110 and continued to the Montana border and thence into North Dakota. And then on into North Dakota at 59 mph, courtesy of Jimmy Carter, as best I can remember. I think reason prevailed in North Dakota soon thereafter, when the Legislature moved it back up to a slow moving but sensible 70 mph. I soon expect a self driving Tesla can take me to 135 mph smooth as silk. And after that a magnetic levitation car can take me anywhere it want to go at a manageable 185 mph. It shaved two hours off my drive time leaving me the remaining  ten hours of my 11 and a half hour drive. Today it takes me nearly fourteen hours for the same trip.
Sunday, April 10, 2016
CREATIVE WRITING ASSIGNMENT: (c) 2016 Lyno Newland License rights.
TITLE: 135 MPH, A Bucket List Item

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