Cyberpunk Utopia

Newland 2084 Cyberpunk Utopia

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Patent pending solutions to poverty, money, time
Patent pending solutions to poverty, money, time

Cyberpunk Utopia Literary Category

Cyberpunk is a sub-genre of science fiction in a future setting that tends to focus on the society of the proverbial “high tech low life”; featuring advanced technological and scientific achievements, such as information technology and cybernetics, juxtaposed with a degree of breakdown or radical change in the social order.

The book Newland 2084, by Lyno, is classified in a literary sub-genre of science fiction known as “cyberpunk utopia“. Newland 2084 is in a future setting that focuses on the society that emerges, upon a stable population earth, risen from the salvageable remnants of the former economic, political, and social disorder of earth.

Newland 2084, A Coop Construction Kit

The book Newland 2084, along with its sister website, comprise the core writings necessary to construct a Newland 2084 class coop sufficient to be labeled as such with the Newland™ trade mark.

Remain vigilant on the matter of the minimal royalty payment necessary from the 1 in 720 share of gross income received by the application of Newland License works. The royalty payment goes into the Newland Royalty Fund that gets distributed among the developers of the Newland Coop itself, whereby the each Newland Cooperative receives its fair share of the Newland™ Game software, money, and time ecology.

Newland Building Block Ideas

LivingVote™ is patent pending means whereby one living human is given one changeable vote on matters of the outcomes, governance, and operations of human owned and operated coop systems.

Plasmonics is the study of the interaction between electromagnetic field and free electrons in a metal. Free electrons in the metal can be excited by the electric component of light to have collective oscillations.

Newland™ postulates two additional feature, with adequate workarounds should they turn out to be imaginary characteristics. The collective oscillations of light and the electromagnetic field of electrons works both ways. In other words light can be either an input or an output. The collective oscillations can be frequency modulated and exchange information capable of being recognized in either direction.

Plasmonic Skin is made up of patterns of tessellated polygons of silicon wafers receiving light which is converted to electrons. In some exploratory writings on “plasmonic skin” I wrote of a nanotechnology manufactured flexible skin surface that provides for an in light = electron store & an in electron = light out capabilities. Everything happens at a near molecular level. Each silicon cell has intelligence, communication ability, plus electron storage. On each edge it has stretchable coupling with near instant localized rigidity locks. Its rest state, when laid upon a flat surface, each silicon cell becomes a simple hexagon. . . . Plasmonic skin is a fine substance to apply in a cyberpunk venue.

Even a children’s story emerges. “Plasmon”, the new super hero, oscillates with “Electra”, in a kind of Taoist dance of yang & yin. Together they reach out to humans in need understanding, communicating at the edge of the universe where technology and humans collide.

Plasmonic Putty is a sticky subject. It self constructs virtually any 3D shape imaginable, provided photons are available. . . . as they say, “in the beginning there was light”.


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