Methanogen Bacteria Eat Carbon Dioxide



Upon consequential matters, like the questions of human caused global warming, by means of carbon-dioxide, humans are well advised to double check the facts. They must always be willing to rearrange the words they repeat, based upon the best information determined to be true. One day, Oliver proclaimed “methanogen bacteria eat carbon dioxide”. He was known throw out a few well distilled words, carefully devised to elicit an implicit rhetorical answer. His subsequent comprehensive explanation included facts.

What Causes Global Warming

Some well intentioned humans believe that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the major cause of global warming. They have well rehearsed explanations of why. The truth is more complex. The truth is that there are many factors affecting overall seasonal average climate changes.

  • carbon dioxide is a contributor to climate warming
  • plate tectonics affect ocean warming
  • solar cycles affect land, water, and ocean temperature
  • as water temperature rises, increased evaporation raises the level of relative humidity in the air
  • increased humidity in the atmosphere leads to more rain and snow
  • long term increases of humidity in the atmosphere promote the growth of plants, mushrooms, trees, grasses, and such
  • humidity in the air allows carbon dioxide breathing plants to reproduce and grow more quickly, which removes more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
  • upon earth there are many kinds of carbon dioxide eating organisms, from organisms the size of bacteria up to the size of trees the height of a Redwood, all eating carbon dioxide
  • among those organisms eating carbon-dioxide for nutrition, they are of two primary kinds.
    • aerobic organisms produce oxygen
    • anaerobic organisms produce methane
  • in essence, methanogen bacteria eat carbon dioxide and excrete methane gas


One of the best ways to eat carbon dioxide is to plant lots of trees. In “Newland 2084” the whole matter of planting trees is handled by teams of urban and rural high school teens. As part of their required community service hours, adult supervised teams of teen gather for the summer to clear pedestrian and equine trails, plant trees, and generally improve and repair human interaction with forests. Electric vehicles may be used to move camp, deal with emergencies, and so forth. Because of the risk of starting fires, internal combustion vehicles are prohibited in recreational forests.

Teams of high school and college teens are sent into the woods to camp out and invest time planting trees and other vegetation. The funds necessary to hire the teens are payed by the oil companies, based on a per oil barrel mile tax. Every teen without exception invests their summers in community service, militia duty, CPR, first aid, cooking, and a host of skills best learned by humans tromping about on well groomed trails winding through well groomed forests.

No two teens from the same family, neighborhood, gang, or some similar affiliation may serve together on the same team. Each dual verified skill receives a certificate of competency added to the Newland™ Resume.


Plants produce oxygen and various complex byproduct gaseous odors, serving various purposes. The former being the gas of life and the latter, its perfume. The entire point being that plants eat carbon dioxide. Plants eat the carbon and excrete oxygen.

by Lyno, Friday, June 24, 2016


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