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Patent pending solutions to poverty, money, time
Patent pending solutions to poverty, money, time



We enable idea people by consistently providing the highest quality tools and services for superior quality co-operative development. We empower each co-operative workforce by ensuring income opportunity and organizational governance.

We are a coop filled with time investors hatching co-operative eggs.

Newland Co-operative Tools and Services

Mission: we enable idea people by consistently providing the highest quality tools and services for superior quality co-operative development. Newland™ Co-operative provides tools and services useful to member operated co-ops, from concept to deployment. These tools and services are applied during Newland internal incubation phases, the co-operative emergence, and the independent co-operative operations.

We empower co-operative workforce by ensuring income opportunity and organizational governance. For co-ops lacking funding necessary to purchase the necessary tools, services, and certain approved expenses, an internal zero interest cost advance may be available to pay these costs, with the the advance being recovered from your time investment share of co-operative income. Time investment is a determiner of net income flow for each time investor.

How Do We Get This Done?

(NOTE: The material below is based upon the three pillars on Newland™ as explained in “Newland 2084“: 1) Population of human species is stable; 2) LivingVote™ provides mechanics of governance; 3) Basic human needs are fulfilled by Newland™ model co-operatives;)

We provides a LivingVote™ capability for co-operatives to partition their members into an operating sub-cooperatives, such that the newly forming co-operative inherits certain governance, behavioral put there by the intentions of its parent co-operative. In simpler words, we are inserting the correct set of narrative into the bylaws and articles of the newly forming co-operative.

Our Newland model sub-cooperatives nest naturally in terms of shares in the flow of the profits of the many layer nested sub cooperatives. They nest to any degree of complexity, behaving recursively, operating like fractals. Royalty flow nesting occurs naturally from below, in terms of the royalty flow arrangements, like the operation of the Newland™ Royalty Fund. This effect is achieved by what is in the inherited articles, bylaws, rules, contracts, and so forth.

During a co-operative income distribution event every co-operative and every human within every cooperative receives their fair share until their cup is full, then no more. Their excess flows onward into the cups of those who invested time nearby in their project. The excess flows onward through the time investors and ever onward. The distribution eventually runs out of currency. The whole distribution carousal slows to a halt. The next infusion of cash somewhere else among the co-operatives sets other distribution wheels spinning. A trickle here and a trickle there. A benefactor one place and a benefactor some other place. All money flows to those humans nearest them by their co-operative time investment relationship to one another.

Every human member of each co-operative gets one changeable vote on matters of governance, pertinent within the co-op in question. All income of each cooperative pays expenses and distributes to members based on their time investment. Newland Co-op seeks time investors to hosts various co-op projects of many types, like those listed below. Each co-operative fills one or more niche set of products and services.

  • Newland Internal Co-ops develop software necessary  for co-operative operations. It is a prime rule that no media flows to production happen until the entire CI/CD local pipeline to integration is in place, quality assurance test are in place, the inbound pipeline is in place, “tip to tail” as the say in DevOps may be
  • Newland Producer Co-ops are the bread and butter operations. They produce the movies and songs that generate sales and royalty income. As an example of a production, consider the massive number of time investor hours required to construct the initial release of Charlie
    • The first animated children’s story about a carbon atom named Charlie who comes to life one day, inside a dinosaur named Charlie. Atoms wake up when they are part of some carbon based life form. The audience first encounters Charlie in a lignite coal bed in eastern Montana. Charlie has been there for ages. Sleeping mostly. Waking up from time to time when there was some electron particle buzz about.
    • He gets split apart from his carbon bonded neighborhood and delivered in the feeder of a biomass coal gasification plant. His gasification pipeline journey introduces him to many other atoms and fast forming compounds of the throughout the periodic table of elements.
    • The profit from sales and royalty income gets split fairly among the Charlie time investors, based on each ones share of the overall effort. When everyone’s cup is filled the excess profit flows according to the rules laid into
    • To make a Charlie replica carbon atom You will need 12 large balls (6 of one color for the protons and 6 of another color for the neutrons) and 6 small balls for the electrons. There are those who observe that the is easy to remember as being the 666 atom.

      Charlie, the carbon atom’s 6 electrons, 6 neutrons, and 6 protons (Nasa image)
  • Newland Worker Co-ops are the supply line for the worker time investors needed to invest skilled time as part of making the Charlie movie. This movie concept begins in “Newland 2084” and continues on this page. It includes several main storyboard elements.
    • The devops co-op creates the tip to tail infrastructure that keeps all the pieces moving. It provides the computer operational space and data persistence necessary to hold the pieces produced and assembled.
    • The Charlie script begins begins with Sarah, who is a member of the Storyboard Co-op responsible for the overview presentation of the “Charlie” story.
    • There are Writers Co-op members like Lyno Newland who write the stories.
    • There are Editor Co-op members. Their is one main Sound Mix Co-op coordinating members from the Voice, Vocals, and Sound Effects Co-ops.
    • Their is a myriad of animators, analog and digital music producers, quality assurance and all the rest assembled to the task producing the story of Charlie.
  • Newland Consumer Co-ops deploy infrastructure to support the consumers who receive Charlie products and services. Consumers pay the subscriptions, sales, and royalties owed based in consumption time investment.
  • Newland Credit Union Co-ops manage the NetZero™ closed funds providing zero or less percent interest advances provided to solve poverty and make sure the bills are paid.
    • basic needs advances cover things like acquiring a state issued ID, providing a DNA sample, providing basic level quarantine travel restrictions, first response services at the co-op negotiated flat rates, protective footwear, clothing, safety equipment, GPS location beacon transponder, eyeglasses, hearing aides, false teeth, water to drink, minimalist food supply, shelter. loans for basic needs payable to made payable to authenticated independent third party vendors; cash must never arrives in anyone’s hands lest corruption be the cause;
    • no cash in hand takes a dent out of gambling, drugs, and other cash activities;
    • education loans to ready a co-op member for earning a living by investing hours in a closed fund economy
  • Newland Retail and Purchasing Co-ops apply member leverage to negotiating fair market prices at each quantity step in the market
  • Newland Housing Co-ops supply housing
  • Newland Social Co-ops
  • Newland Complex Co-ops
  • Newland Marketing Co-ops

Co-op Articles

These articles are large, over 1200 words, which translates to about 4 or more minutes read time each.

  • Saturday, July 23, 2016 – no articles at this time

Blog Co-op Foundation Series

These foundation blog posts describe various fundamental parts, used in the construction of other Newland posts and articles.

Build a Wall Co-op Example

The application of the Newland™ co-operative pattern to building what was dubbed the Wall of Hope precisely because it actually solves the border problem in a realistic and affordable way. It puts together a lot of pieces. The series is under revision and will have inconsistencies among the pages.

American Indian Tribe Co-op Example

This series seeks to offer a co-operative framework built around the LivingVote™ governance means and the transparent money flow systems, which are an integral part of a Newland™ model co-operative. This entire series needs re-focus away from the entire presumption of any President would seek to help each tribe reorganize itself into a co-operative, designed to make transparent all flows of BIA income. The ease and simplicity with which the proposition is presented belies the complexities of doing so. That’s precisely where the co-operative within co-operative is the mechanism which binds the tribes into a nation and assures that the needs of the nation are fulfilled in a transparent manner. With this CAUTION in mind please read as you wish and forgive badly worded concepts.

Authors Here With Books

Printed book “Newland 2084” at Amazon

The eBook (cover “Falling Waters”, Frank Lloyd Right) at Amazon.

Newland 2084 (click to buy)

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