Newland Internal Coops

yellow_three_cups_of_red_760Newland Cooperative Member Buy-in

Are you interested in receiving a share of royalties from the sales of products and services involving your time investments, talents, artistry, knowledge and skills? Answer the questions below and discover your own answer. Discover your answers through your hours of time investment at this website and those sites officially connected to this website. Use the Calculator to compute your theoretical share of your cooperative’s distribution and watch it climb as you invest time. Keep track of your time investments in a diary of some sort. It must prove your time investment claims are provable as to page number, time, location, date, and description of work done. Do the following question cover your concerns and needs? Write your thoughts and make drawings in your diary. Number and date your pages.

From the perspective of us being members of a Newland Cooperative, what will we do about our needs for other human’s time invested in our projects? Where can we invest our hours for the good, of ourselves, the members of the cooperative, and the cooperative itself? What about the needs of every member of our cooperative? How about members of other cooperatives?  All for one and one for all? One member one vote? Can my vote directly affect every decison I care about? Do I get to ask the questions I care about? What part of Newland is a design for the future? What part of it is real for today?

Think about the works in which you invest your time, freely and of your own accord. You own them. So why not share them. Share the information. Invest the time, which may result in royalties. If royalties do not flow at least you will at least know that other humans are consuming your work freely and will pay royalties on their commercial gross revenue attributable to your work.

Enjoy the Newland Royalty Flow Effect™ upon your life. The trademark symbol (™) refers to the Newland™ system in its entirety which is patent pending for the period of one year. It also may be well beyond 2017. Everything patent claim you read about at this website expires with in 2017. That’s plenty of time for some big company to come along and buy up the rights to one claim or another. A million dollars spread among one hundred cooperative members is ten thousand dollars each.

All royalties attributable to those patents, trademarks, and copyright claims flow through the Minnesota Newland Cooperative  as explained in the foundation book “Newland 2084”. Newland Member time investors are setup to receive a small share of the royalties attributable to their being a member of a given cooperative. Everything operates by means of cascading rules. Newland Members™ receive a fair share of the royalties based on thier share of time investment and where it falls among the time investment cooperatives linked in below.

Within are places where your memories belong. Record your memories now, before the memories fade away. Photographs, family recordings and such belong in your legacy archive. Everything you choose belongs in your archive, provided you own the necessary rights to place it into your legacy.  If anybody wants to know anything about you, they must search among your records, which are permanently associated with you. It become part of your family lagacy, in essence mementos of your ancestors will live forever. For however much time a consuming human invests with your creations, recollections, and collections, they owe royalties if they make a profit, otherwise if is derived free of attribution rights.

Have you not some second or third passion that might fit the bill. Do you make quilts, cards, handiwork, and such read on.  Please read through the lists below and select all of them that you are interested in. Go into them and have a look around. Your selections will each appear in their own tab for your viewing pleasure.

The cooperatives listed below are simply templates. This Newland Cooperative website and blog contain patent pending ideas. The cooperatives listed below spring to life when Newland Members like you invest time in them. Don’t be fooled by imitators and thieves. The real deal only exists at the State of Minnesota city of Woodbury located. When royalty payments flow from copyright, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. See the book “Newland 2084” to understand how this all works and why you should care.

Newland Cooperative Internal Operations

Newland Cooperative hosts internal cooperatives and cooperative projects.

What Do Newland Cooperatives Hold in Common?

All projects utilize the software produced by the Newland Software Cooperative. Newland software also utilizes various commercial and free software web services and application software which have associated costs. NetZero™ (patent pending) zero interest loans may be available for various services. Such loans are repaid by deductions from future project income or by direct payments.

What Distinguishes One Newland Cooperative From Another?

Newland Cooperatives are distinguished by their Newland™ names. They are distinguished by their names. Click those that appeal to you now. Consume them later from the tabs that appear.

One by one from the list below. Remember, every vote counts. Have fun. Invest time where you can.

The Newland Writers Cooperative provides a workflow used by writers. The workflow includes assistance with idea formation, outlining, writing, editing, reading, production, distribution, and promotion. Works produced include books, short stories, plays, scripts, articles, blog posts, and dissertations. Each work is typically managed in its own project.

The Newland Musicians Cooperative provides a workflow used by musicians. The workflow includes assistance with song writing, production, distribution, promotion, and consumption. Works produced include song books, productions of songs, and everything else imaginable that directly or indirectly involves time investment. This results in the creation of a Newland Consumer to Newland Producer royalty stream.

The Newland Software Cooperative members invest time developing the software necessary for the operation of the Newland™ cooperatives. The workflow includes software creation, integration, testing, production, distribution, and promotion. Works produced include software and everything associated with the software necessary for the operations of the cooperatives. The Newland Software Cooperative members are in-line for a share of the royalties flowing into the Newland Royalty Fund.

What kind of cooperative do you see? Please send it to us. We need people like you to come up with ideas for cooperatives that would have a meaningful place in human lives. Newland Cooperative is a place where your voice and ideas will be shared and heard.

Will we make money? When and how will it be distributed? Why? Who? Everyone involved in Newland Cooperation? Am I protected? Is Newland Cooperative protected?  How do we get buy-in from everyone. Newland Cooperative is a Wonderful idea! Business details will follow at this website and within the book “Newland 2084”.

Please share your ideas in the comments below. Thank you for your time investment thus far. Please share this link with anyone among your family and friends who might be well suited to working within the spirit of a one human one vote, everybody invests time participating in voting, everybody invests time in common enveavours like books, movies, albums, and such, as well as individual works of excellence. Everyone helps out where they are needed and elsewhere when they are not. When one wins a lot everyone wins a little.


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