Newland Musicians Cooperative

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The Newland Musicians Cooperative provides capabilities useful for a new kind of workflow for music. Continuous Delivery (CD) is an approach in which teams produce works in time sequenced sprints, ensuring that the work can be reliably released at any time. It aims at producing, editing, and releasing revisions faster and more frequently. The approach helps reduce the cost, time, and risk of delivery. A straightforward and repeatable deployment process is important for continuous delivery.

Musicians invest time and derive a share of royalty income based on time invested. An hour here and an hour there and the final consumer revision emerges from the pipeline. A team based solution is necessary to produce a high quality core concept/style, song writing, performing, finding sounds from cooperative or elsewhere, demo recording, overdubbing, editing, mixing, and mastering, packaging, distribution, and production. The goal of The Newland Musicians Cooperative is to provide a beginning to end solution for the entire workflow process.

A cooperative offers many other capabilities like shared studio space, instruments, mentor programs for aspiring musicians and engineers.

The basic principles of the Newland Musicians Cooperative are easy to understand.

  1. Human time investment is the fundamental measure of money matters.
  2. Time investment hours borrowed are to be repaid in time investment hours.
  3. Patronage is measured in money paid based on time invested
  4. The writer of a source Work is first in line for their share of income from consumer product.

EXAMPLE: Mary invests 400 hours in writing, performing, and producing a song. John invests 20 hours in mixing the work. Therefore Mary owes 20 hours of services to other members. If income is generated from sales of the song, then Mary and John get their share of gross income along with everyone else involved. When Mary has received her hourly rate for her 400 hours and John for his 20 hours, everything else flows to other members of the cooperative up to their share of gross income, and then the excess flows from one Newland Cooperative to another until every cup has received its fill. Everybody sips from their cup and waits for the next royalty flood.


Welcome to our new website. It is associated with the Newland Cooperative recently organized in Minnesota. Please read the Newland Writers Cooperative piece. If you like the idea of people getting together and helping one another out with our respective projects, by swapping time, hour for hour, please stop on by the website from time to time. Major projects get broken down into manageable chunks. The chunks become mutual projects. We all invest time. We all reap our fair share of the rewards of our shared endeavor. It all gets done. Everyone benefits.  Please share this URL with anyone anywhere who might see the royalty possibilities of publishing their work and investing their time in Newland License works as explained under So that you for your consideration.

And so the story proceeds under the watchful eyes of the flock of crows, that flys with the eagles.

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