LivingVote Governance

Life in a LivingVote™ World

130 Cooperative Living Vote

A LivingVote™ governed society, assures humans of the reality, that their LivingVote choice, on some bylaws governance item, really counts. Their vote must count from the moment they first establish they first establish their starting YES setting, on a scale from zero percent to one hundred percent. Voters will watch the aggregate vote patterns change, as they refine their choice. Watching constitutions, laws, agency rules, environmental limits changing, in near real time; it will become the new Reality show.

Once the aggregate vote stabilizes, for some predetermined interval of time, the  governance item is locked in and sent to quality control where all illogical governance wording gets backed out and figured out later. Anything holding up the arrival of the expected wording gets moved aside. There’s songs could be written about the urgency of keeping the Constitution and Laws of the United States of America moving. Maybe these wording changes can someday happen so fast that Watson can be a phone call away with the answer.

Watson can manage the Deltas. The only way to repair wording is to repair all necessary parts simultaneously. Back comes new wording that replaces in its entirety the set of illogical wording. Eventually the whole set of wording passes it final quality assurance test. Then the new set of wording takes effect at once. With a continuous integration and continuous deployment, known as a CI/CD pipeline, the automated rules of the Senate, House, and Governor all understand.

Maybe we’ll let a bunch of IBM Watson like computers mutually agree to have the final say, on the entire package of Governance being deployed live into to Production. Once passed the words take effect.  For so long as voters live. they can change their vote on any governance item at any time. When they die, their vote no longer affects governance. It all gets factored in. It is ultimately the will We the People, who must decide these matters, that really count.

Bifurcation Vote

070 Bifurcation Vote

The traditional way of voting is to make the decision once and for all times and be done with it. Changing the governance item requires another vote on the wording changes.

A LivingVote Governance Item

080 LivingVote

Think how much more effective governance becomes when a coop, corporation, business cost center, project, family business, social club, church, or some other social organization utilizes the LivingVote™ governance means.

LivingVote Governance Changes

090 LivingVote Fluctuations

Excerpts from “Newland 2084”

Within the human behavioral constraints imposed directly or indirectly, by layer upon layer of government, humans are free to enjoy what remains of their privileges, rights, and freedoms. Within the constraints of imposed by government, the co-operative LivingVote™ represents the new art of governance. The LivingVote™ is the preferred decision-making process for matters of basic human affairs, as well as affairs of the polygons, cooperatives, clubs, families, and so forth. The LivingVote™ behavioral pattern is embedded within the startup Newland™ Co-operative behavioral pattern.

A Newland ™ Co-operative is owned and operated by its members. The operational characteristics of every Newland Co-operative are established and adjusted according to the ongoing and evolving LivingVote™. The LivingVote™ represents an emergence behavioral model. Rather than behavioral constraints being handed down from above, in the manner of a command and control hierarchical decision-making process, the LivingVote™ embodies the principles of power and control bubbling up and emerging from below. Every human feels like they have a direct say in matters of every Newland™ Cooperative of which they are a member.

Because Newland™ Member Agreement terms and conditions attain an 80 percent Pass LivingVote™, these conditions will require the corresponding 80 percent Fail LivingVote™ to be changed. This stabilizing characteristic of the LivingVote™ allows Newland™ to better fend off the vagaries of fads faction politics. Political parties have the power in the form of political governance known in ancient times as a Republic. Newland™ Co-operative governance is known in modern times as LivingVote™ Democracy. While it would have been possible to utilize a LivingVote™ governance model in ancient times, it is made practical in modern times with the advent of modern technology such as computers. It is the combination of NetZero™ closed funds established and maintained by the LivingVote™ that is the game changer in civilized society.

Pertaining to co-operatives, anyone wishing to receive any royalty income distribution must participate in all of the LivingVote™ matters put before the membership. The Newland™ Distribution Engine talks with the LivingVote™ Engine, and distributions are bypassed for so long as the LivingVote™ decisions have not been made. There is no such capability as “catching up” on benefits not received. Any member who believes their LivingVote™ choice, concerning any matter, must be changed simply changes their LivingVote™. If enough members change their vote from Yes to No, then the matter switches from Pass to Fail. Even the terms and conditions agreed to within the Newland™ Member Agreement document may change over time.

Likewise, the terms of the and conditions of the Newland™ License may be changed by new, modified, or deleted words changed by the LivingVote™ results on the question. This book, Newland 2084, explains a preferred embodiment among alternatives.


The mechanics of how the LivingVote operates is simple to understand. The social and business impacts may take days, weeks, or months to emerge. These matters are discussed in more detail in the book “Newland 2084” by Lyno.

by Lyno, Saturday, June 25, 2016