Poverty Solutions


POVERTY SOLUTION: At zero percent interest rate, advance humans the money necessary to pay their bills on time. Recover these advances from their future income.

Imagine someone claiming their aspiration to be “when I grow up I want to be poor”. Yet seventy percent of the poor remain poor. An expected answer would have been “when I grow up I want to be rich”. Four percent do so. The remaining make it into the middle class. The current picture looks bleak for the poor.

  • Making it into the middle class” concludes that 70% of those who grow up poor remain poor; 26% made it into the middle class and 4% became high earners;
  • Why rich kids become rich adults and poor kids become poor adults” says that
    • the environment one is raised in determines their economic mobility
    • 4 percent of children from low-income families achieved a college education, compared to 45 percent of children from higher-income families
    • low-income families focus on immediate needs, such as food and transportation, rich families invest more on future-oriented purchases that will ensure their well being
    • upon graduation, when more affluent students are substantially more likely to enter the workforce with little to no student debt. For less-affluent graduates, chains of student loan debt weigh down any chance of wealth accumulation
  • US Poverty Rate is Still 14.5%; But Yes, The War On Poverty Worked” explains that the poverty rate is down from 19%, when President Johnson’s “War of Poverty” began, remains steady now, year over year, at 14.5%. The rate does not take into account the trillion dollars spent on means tested programs each year. That money is not counted as income to the poor. It is important to look behind the numbers. Today’s poverty measurement is more like the number of people who would be in poverty if government weren’t going to help them.
  • Measuring opinion, according to a 2013 Pew Research report “Americans see growing gap between rich and poor”. The poll measured polling sentiment. Democrats said by a 61% to 24% margin that circumstances beyond their control were primarily to blame for them being poor. Republicans took the opposite view: 57% blamed individuals who were poor for lack of effort compared with 28% who said it was due to circumstances beyond their control. That is quite an ideological divide.






Commuter Coop

Newland Commuter Coop


A Game Changer

Details of a Newland™ commuter co-op are in the book Newland 2084 https://newlandcoop.com/newland-2084/.

Forward looking humans understand what a self driving car is for. Fewer understand the many implications for modern civilization when commuter transportation is managed and dispensed by a neighborhood Newland Commuter Coop. We now explore a few Game Changer outcomes of self-driving motor vehicles, operating on roadways and off roadway.

  1. No more income to local government and the justice system from humans driving cars high on alcohol and other drugs, texting and talking with their friends, working on their computer, watching TV, sleeping, and so forth. The elderly, blind, deaf, and disabled humans will be able to call for a useful ErgoMobile™, equipped with all necessary equipment to get them safely to their destination. The vehicle then hustles off for its next rider.
  2. No more foolish expenditures on light rail, buses, taxis, or any other short haul transportation systems. Why would any human want to somehow make it safely and quickly, through rain, sleet, and snow to a bus stop, subway, or rail station, just to go a few miles across town. Then reverse the process to get home. It makes no sense.
  3. Long haul pneumatic assisted magnetic-levitation transportation systems are capable of moving humans and cargo from the coast to coast at hyper-sonic speeds.
  4. Short haul transportation is typically by EV electric vehicles, except in those situations extended mileage situations where clean burning di-methyl ether (DME) clean diesel are used instead. Self-filling DME fuel stations eliminate the need for petrol stations, with all their coincident environmental risks, staffing considerations, and so forth. Refueling is done by means of a self-driving vehicle being towed or driving itself to the neighborhood vehicle garage for cleaning, maintenance, and fueling all EV and DME components.
  5. From the chromium and molybdenum alloy, referred to as chromoly steel, used to construct the human containment compartment, plastic rubber composite body panels, down to the final computer assemblies, every one of the components is manufactured by a nearby Newland ErgoMobile Parts Coop that warehouses parts from the many Newland Parts Manufacture Coops. Everything from tip to tail is USA manufactured by USA labor voting in one human, one vote USA State government chartered coop organizations. Everything bolts or snaps together, is designed to be field repairable until final recycling.
  6. Within the constraints of core passenger safety, the ErgoMobile vehicle industry offers infinite variety, from utilitarian one human adult and child EVs, all the way up to the 144 passenger centipede, and even up to the two hundred ton self driving and self articulating long haul road transport train where every wheel is its own motor and generator and each self-driving cargo trailer gathers its own sunlight and has its own batteries. It has DME reserves sufficient for all heating, propulsion, and auxiliary generator use.
  7. The recycling cycle closes at the nearby biomass coal gasification plant where all carbon based sewage and waste is reduced to its elemental carbon form, from which is produced DME, thereby completing the plastic sequestration of carbon, which is a beneficial application on Newland patent pending designs.

Typical Newland Coop Member’s Commute

A Newland Commuter Coop operates so that a human commutes by means of the following patent pending steps. These steps pertain just as well to going to the store, church, school, court, hospital, and so forth.  The portal to portal transportation of human bodies by means of self driving motor vehicles.

  1. Make arrangements for a self driving ErgoMobile™, with some specific seating pattern, or better, to show up at location your location, at some prearranged time.
  2. Present your state-issued ID for a complete front and back scan. Complete bio-metric scan if requested. Each coop makes its own arrangements concerning such matters. A state-issued ID is the least common denominator.
  3. If you are have selected a one human ErgoMobile™, then you may skip this step. Be prepared for each occupant of your intended vehicle to go through a similar identification process if they are not recognized by their phone, voice, or visual recognition. No doubling up except for a parent properly secured with an infant.
  4. Enjoy the ride to your destination. You can work, sleep, watch the scenery, talk and text with friends.
  5. Depart from your vehicle.
  6. It proceeds to its next customer while you to your final destination.
  7. (Optional step) If you must leave a mess your vehicle, or worse, at least have the common decency to issue a “Garage Only” command.

The Central ErgoMobile™ Facility

The Newland Commuter Coop exists for the purpose of pooling a neighborhoods short haul transportation needs under a Newland Coop form. Coops are nested within one another, to the extent necessary to encompass a sustainable polygon’s service area. In other words, you and your neighbors pool their resources. They locate a nearby facility capable of having a secure fenced campus and buildings sufficient to house the self-driving ErgoMobiles™. It must provide such services recharging, maintenance, and repair facilities as are necessary to see the Newland Commuter Coop facility. To determine how many Newland Commuter Coop remote facilities facilities and vehicles are necessary, compute the number of coop member humans who will share the commuter service during peak hours.

What Happens to the Legacy Garage

By centrally sharing garage and repair facilities for the pool of vehicles owned and shared by the members of the coop, an interesting question emerges. What will human do with their newly freed up garage space? Where will they invest the anxiety reduced commute time into their life?

Garages in the neighborhoods become workshops, EVcycle repair shops, EV ErgoMobile chassis construction shops. An interconnected web of EV parts suppliers exchange the components of all manner of EV parts combinations necessary for each Newland 12,000 human sustainable polygon to construct and house the number of self-driving ErgoMobiles™ of the necessary configurations. The ErgoMobiles are constructed and maintained and repaired right in the sustainable local economy by the local community time investors. The share of the income from coop sales is based upon each participating human’s time investment.

Play With Numbers

For those who like to play with the numbers, please consider these.
12,000 humans in motion at once presumes that a “best fit” fleet of 1, 2, 3, 4, …  human capacity self driving vehicles are available. The optimum count is determined and adjusted as usage and demographics change. In the event of an evacuation vehicles can stream, from nearby ErgoMobile™ storage facilities, to the area of greatest need and away from the emergency location. Imagine the value of such a capability in the face of an imminent tidal surge.

The problem is made easier by making some simplifying assumptions. Assume the polygon tessellation shape is a hexagon. This gives every 12,000 human sustainable polygon six adjoining neighbor polygons. Assume all seven polygons have enough neighborhood ErgoMobile™ vehicles available for their local human needs in normal situations. The vehicles communicate with one another. The humans communicate with one another. The computer systems have all of the data available to make the best decisions. When human life is at stake, humans sometimes have to let the computers do their job.

Public Safety Improvements

Neighborhood disbursed charging stations provide additional public safety measures. Each facility will have electric lights, audio and video communication capability, battery backup, first aid kits. Each EV charging facility could have self driving first response vehicles on the way within seconds of being summoned by 911 call.

Newland Commuter Coop Time Accounting

Human who invest time today, learning how to rescue and save human life, accrue the future benefits of their time investment. The same goes for those who invest time serving their community, nation, or practically any human purpose larger than any one human. Perhaps someday their time investment today will be repaid by some other humans future time investment, for their sake.


I hope you enjoyed this small essay. It gathers together a few of the patent pending features covered in more detail in the book Newland 2084 https://newlandcoop.com/newland-2084/.